COVID-19 Update




Dear Valued Town Dentistry Patients,


We are taking precautions for everyone’s health.  Our office will have air purifiers and HEPA filters. Disinfection will be heightened. High speed evacuation in the mouth will be used when possible.  We will also use germicidal UV lights as time allows.

There are a few things that we ask of you:

1.      If you do not feel well, have a cold, the flu or a fever, please re-schedule your appointment.

2.      If you are unvaccinated and have been exposed to Covid-19, please re-schedule your appointment. 

3.      If you are vaccinated, have been exposed to Covid-19 and have no symptoms, you may still come to your appointment.

4.      Please come alone to your appointment, if possible.  For children and those who need aid coming to appointments, please come with only one person, if possible.

5.      Notify us of your arrival and kindly wait in your car or outside the door until we welcome you in.

6.      Please wear a mask when entering the office.

7.      You will be asked to rinse with mouthwash which will help decrease bacteria and viruses in the oral cavity.

8.      You may be asked to use hand sanitizer or wash your hands.

On a happier note, we are looking forward to seeing you!  Stay safe!   


Warm regards,

Dr. Jennifer Chin